The Battle Belongs To God

Daily Dose: The Battle Belongs To God: Ever been in a situation where you feel like you are constantly in a battlefield with arrows thrown against you left, right and centre? There are times when battles spring up like mushrooms, it’s one thing after the other and you wonder why you are being fought. It seems it never rains but pours for you. I have a word for you: “There’s no storm that lasts forever, your enemies are fighting a losing battle. Do not fight back, continue to run your race and pray”. Exodus 3 v 8; Isaiah 54 v 15: (Good News Translation) “Whoever attacks you, does it without my consent; whoever fights against you will fall”. Jeremiah 1 v 19; Ephesians 6 v 12 – 13; 2 Chronicles 20 v 15. #HeMadaAWay #Victory #keeprunning #keepshining #dontlookback #Borntoshine ~Tendayi Ganga

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