From Negative to Positive:

Daily Dose: From Negative to Positive:
I grew up during those years when photos were produced from “negative films.” The films were so thin and delicate; they could easily get damaged if not handled with care. They were sensitive to light, water and dirt. So extra care had to be taken inorder to produce good picture quality. I’m sure some of you remember those films; we took them to the photo studio for processing. Some photos came out sharp and others weren’t good. How are we handling our dark and negative moments in life? We are at risk when exposed to heat, pressure and rough situations. How we handle situations matter. We should preserve ourselves and not allow situations, environments, people to ruin, drain or destroy us. Let us use our faith, strength, wisdom, knowledge, skill and patience to handle situations well and turn every negative to positive and darkness into light. Out of darkness the light shines.
2 Corinthians 4 v 6; James 1 v 19 – 20 and Romans 5 v 3 – 5.
#resilience #patience #slowtoanger #borntoshine ~TG

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