See The Light In All This

Daily Dose: In The Midst Of Chaos Opportunities Arise. During this season let us make the most of it to mend our family relationships and appreciate one another. This is a time to be creative , a time to loosen up, forgive, listen, pray and play together. This season shall be for a memorial of the goodness of the Lord; the victories, resilience, restoration as we continue to move forward in faith.. Good news comes from where we least expect it. Remember, all things are possible with God. Habakkuk 3 v 17 – 19; John 1 v 43 – 46; Romans 8 v 28 and Psalm 30 v 11 – 12 and Joshua 4 v 1 – 7 #Dontgiveup #Familyfirst #Innovative #MoreWord #Letyourlightshine #RiseUp #Borntoshine #RejoiceInTheLord #Nostormlastsforever #CrossingOver

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