Stretch Out Your Hand

Daily Dose: Stretch Out Your Hand: Our hand gestures are a powerful tool for communication. We relay signals to express our emotions, motives and to connect with others in different ways. We stretch out our hands in worship, to pray for someone, to direct a person, emphasize a point, to give, to greet, to agree, to surrender, to console, to help someone or when we are in need of help. In the scriptures below you will see that God used the hand of man to perform amazing miracles. We are blessed and gifted in different ways and as vessels of God, we can make an impact in the Kingdom of God if we allow God to use in our area of influence. Our hands are signals for change, do not underestimate the power in your hands in Jesus name! Amen
Job 11 v 13 – 20; Exodus 14 v 13 – 31; 2 Kings 6 v 5 – 7; John 21 v 15 – 18; Mark 16 v 15 – 20; Acts 19 v 11 – 12 and Acts 3 v 1 – 8 #VesselofGod #ServeGod #Peacemaker #MakeADifference #HelpOthers #PrayForOthers #YouAreTheLightOfTheWorld #Borntoshine

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