Leap Over

Daily Dose: Leap Over: In A hurdle race, an athlete have to run and jump over a number of obstacles at speed. It’s a challenging race. Whoever came up with the idea knew that people have the ability and strength to run and jump over hurdles and get to the finish line. You cannot avoid them and you can’t go under the hurdles if you are to win. At times in life we face some challenges and they line up ahead of us like we are in a hurdle race. You look at them feeling defeated because there are many. I am here to remind you that God has given you dominion over any challenge. He has given you power to leap over walls; you have what it takes to get over any challenge. Don’t lean on your own strength or understanding. God is with you. Amen.
Psalm 18 v 28 – 39; Proverbs 3 v 5 – 8 and Romans 8 v 31 ~TG #LeapOver #DoNotCower #WeAreOvercomers #VictorsNotVictims #GodWithUs #Dontgiveup #Borntoshine

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