It’s Better To Ask

Daily Dose: Ask. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to ask a question but you held back only because you were afraid someone would laugh at you? It can be embarrassing for some to ask questions. We are a work in progress and we learn everyday. When we ask questions we get empowered, we avoid conflict and we become better people. Knowledge is power. The disciples would ask questions because they wanted to understand. They didn’t take Jesus for granted and pretend they knew it all. Its better to ask than to assume something. ~TG. James 1 v 5; Proverbs 4 v 7 – 9; Hosea 4 v 6; James 3 v 17 – 18 and Matthew 24 v 1 – 4 #Revelation #Wisdom #Ask #Humble #Understanding #Knowledge #Seeking #Help #Answers #WordofGod #ReliableSource #Faithful #Information #TeachableSpirit #Pray #Clarity #ThePowerOfAsking #Borntoshine

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