A Call To Prayer

Daily Dose: A Call To Prayer: Wherever we are, please let us go before the Lord in prayer and pray for mercy, healing, protection, wisdom as the Holy Spirit lead us in Jesus name. God is gracious, His mercy endures forever. He is our Hope, our Healer, Comforter, Refuge, in Him we trust. Lord we bow before you, have mercy on us in Jesus name. We thank you Jesus for you hear us when we pray. Glory to God. Hallelujah praise God. Jeremiah 17 v 14 – 17; Psalm 136 v 1 – 26; Jeremiah 31 v 1 – 21; Psalm 124 v 1 – 8; 1 John 5 v 14 – 15 and Psalm 118 v 17. #LetTheRedeemedOfTheLordSaySo #Shalom #DoNotFear #GodOfWonders #Yawe #HealingRain #Worship #Borntoshine

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