Who Is In Your Boat?

Daily Dose: Who Is In Your Boat? In life we meet and connect with different people. We need to pray for divine connections and divine helpers for our children and for you and I; genuine people who pray for us, inspire, build, support, guide us and who constructively criticize us. A genuine person will tell you the truth. I saw a video with young kids, running in a relay race. As they passed the relay stick to the last runners to finish the race, one of the boys when he received the stick, he started running in the opposite direction away from the finishing line. The boy was running so fast but in the wrong direction. Some of the teachers had to follow him and bring him back on track but it was too late. He letdown his team. Beware of vision killers; people who drill holes and deceive you. Choose wisely. Proverbs 27 v 9; Job 2 v 11; Proverbs 18 v 24; Job 16 v 20 – 21; Proverbs 12 v 26; Ecclesiastes 4 v 9 – 10; Proverbs 22 v 24 – 25 and 2 Kings 2 v 2 #Companionship #IronSharpensIron #Discernment #Intercessor #Peacemakers #ProtectYourVision #SpreadGoodNews #JesusTheCaptain #Borntoshine

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