This Season

Daily Dose: The devil wants to destroy our dreams at the infancy stage. When you have just started your race, he makes it hard and you feel like you are going nowhere. Don’t abort your project. You will yield fruitful results in due season. As you share your opportunities, your ideas or seek advice not everyone will support the idea. Don’t be discouraged, know that God is on your side. He will send the right people to uplift you. In this season there are opportunities, open up and allow God to direct and use you in Jesus name. Matthew 2 v 1 – 2; Exodus 1 v 8 – 22; Exodus 2 v 1 – 9 and Jeremiah 20 v 11 #DivineHelpers #DivineConnections #KeepOnPushing #HumbleBeginnings #Dontgiveup #YouCanDoIt #RunYourRace #RunWithYourVision #ProtectYourDreams #Borntoshine

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