Embrace Your Scars

Daily Dose: Embrace Your Scars. We all have scars. No matter the size, every scar tells a story. Are you concerned about your scars? It is traumatizing for some people because the sight of their scars bring back bad memories. Some people are living with scars buried deep inside their heart because of past hurts. I encourage you to find peace knowing that whatever or whoever wanted to destroy or kill you did not succeed. You were wounded but the wound is now healed. You have won the battle. Allow healing to take place from the inside, do not remain stayed, on what is gone. Let go and move on. Do not worry about what people see or say. You are beautiful, strong, an Overcomer and a living testimony of the goodness of the Lord. God loves you just as you are. Psalm 147 v 3; 2 Corinthians 5 v 17; Jeremiah 30 v 17 and Isaiah 53 v 5
#SeeBeyondYourScars #Delivered #SetFree #Healed #Peace #Grace #Victory #Forgive #Loved #Borntoshine

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