Sound Judgement

Daily Dose: Sound Judgement: A lady posted a message on Instagram and added an old photo of her and friends at a park as a memory. She wrote a caption “pre-coronavirus”. Surprisingly some people rebuked and accused her of “going out” during this lockdown. They missed the key caption “pre-coronavirus” and assumed that she was at the park. How easy it is to miss important information and rush to conclusions because of selective reading, seeing and hearing. Let us move, see, read and hear with wisdom. Proverbs 4 v 5 – 13; Mark 4 v 24; James 1 v 19 – 25; Isaiah 32 v 3 and Matthew 13 v 9. #soundmind #Hearing #Seeing #wisdom #Observe #Diligent #PayAttention #Peace #SlowToSpeak #Borntoshine

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