Uniquely You

Our Front Yard Tree

Daily Dose: Uniquely You: Few weeks ago our tree was so green just like other trees in our neighborhood but yesterday I noticed a huge change! Our tree and only our tree is now covered in burgundy colored leaves. When and how this happened I don’t even know. The trees around us are still green. As much as all the trees are thriving under the same weather pattern, our tree stood out in amazing way! A reminder that we are all different and things happen to us in a unique way. We might be in the same house, suburb, class etc, but our progress in life is not the same. Let us be content and grateful to God for who we are. Wait patiently for your appointed time. Your turn will come, you are not missing out ~TG Isaiah 43 v 1; Isaiah 40 v 31; Ecclessiaste 9 v 11; Psalm 65 v 4; Psalm 139 v 14 and 1 Peter 2 v 9 – 10 #UniquelyYou #DivineAppointment #PrayedOpportunities #BeContent #Grace #Borntoshine

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