The Sound Of Your Cry

Daily Dose: The Sound of Your Cry: When a baby cries, it takes only the mother of the baby to recognize the sound of her baby. It does not matter how many babies are crying in the same room. At times we cry and look for a shoulder to lean on when faced with challenges but not everyone understands your cry, your struggles and where it hurts the most. Instead, some will see you as a burden and tell everyone about it but Our Lord Jesus, He is our good Shepherd, our Refuge, our strength, a very present help in trouble, He knows everything about you, He hears you when you cry and comes to rescue you. He will carry you just as you are. Where do we go for help in the first instance? ~TG. Exodus 3 v 7-9; Isaiah 30 v 18-19; Jeremiah 29 v 12-13; John 10 v 11-14 and 1 Kings 3 v 16-27 #Pray #CallOnHim #JesusIsTheAnswer #HeHearsYourCry #HeIsWaiting #DivineIntervention #DivineHelpers #Borntoshine

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