Cultivate Your Spiritual Life

Daily Dose: Cultivate Your Spiritual Life:
We cultivate our gardens to promote aeration and the growth of our plants. We remove the weeds that compete with the plants in the process. Due to exposure to different elements and seasons the soil becomes crusty and hard, so we need the right cultivating tools. In life we are exposed to different challenges and developments that compete with our spiritual growth. Therefore we need to be vigilant and use the right tools to cultivate our spiritual life and resist the devil. ~TG. John 17 v 1 – 26; Hebrews 3 v 1 – 19; James 4 v 5 – 7; 2 Timothy 3 v 14 – 17; Galatians 5 v 16 – 26 and Ephesians 5 v 1 – 21. #MeditateOnTheWord #Faith #Love #PrayWithoutCeasing #Praise #Peace #Forgiveness #Repentance #Joy #Revival #Righteousness #Chosen #TheTruth #SpiritualGrowth #Wisdom #WorkOutYourSalvation #Borntoshine

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