Who Is For You?

Daily Dose: Who Is For You? In life we connect with different people. Some are there to support you, no strings attached but some, they come with a hidden agenda, to destroy, despitefully use you and dump you. Heard of people who only connect and communicate with you behind the scenes, yet in the public they avoid you and pretend they don’t know you? Let us cultivate healthy relationships and separate ourselves from toxic ones. It’s everyone’s responsibility. People are hurting, crying and suffering because of their close friends/relatives who betrayed them. ~TG. 1 Peter 2 v 1 – 25; Matthew 10 v 32 – 33; Luke 22 v 54 – 62 and Luke 22 v 1- 6 #GenuineLove #TrueFriendship #Transparency #DivineConnections #Oneness #Peace #DivineHelpers #BeWise #Forgive #Support #ThereForEachOther #WeAreOne #TogetherWeStand #Borntoshine

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