What Goes Around Comes Around

Daily Dose: What Goes Around Comes Around: We receive what we give around. There’s joy and peace that comes when helping and loving others. I’m sure we all have been helped by other people at some stage in life but it’s easy to forget those who have helped us when everything seem to be going on well. Let us not forget where we came from. Our God is gracious, His timing of events is different and we don’t even know what our tomorrow will be like. That’s why the word of God says in Luke 6 v 31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” ~TG. Matthew 5 v 7; Luke 6 v 38 and Jeremiah 7 v 24 #DoGoodToOthers #LestWeForget #BeKind #BeNice #HelpOthers #Begrateful #DoYourBest #RememberWhereYouCameFrom #Dailydose #Borntoshine

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