Calm and Collected

Daily Dose: Calm and Collected: Have you ever wondered why we are asked to remain calm during an emergency situation? It is in the moment of calmness that we think straight, see and listen clearly and follow instructions. Panic, fear and noise brings confusion, disruption and worsen the situation. When faced with danger, the way you speak, react and handle the situation matters. You influence others with your actions and words. You have power in you to control or be controlled by a situation. Remain calm, collected, prayerful and act upon what you believe. Jesus says “Be still and know that I am God. Fear not”. ~TG. Matthew 8 v 23 – 27; Numbers 13 v 25 – 33; Numbers 14 v 1 – 10 and Psalm 46 v 10. #BiggerThanWhatYouSee #BeStill #GodIsWithYou #SpeakAWord #ActInFaith #DoNotFear #GodInControl #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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