God Conscious

Daily Dose: God Conscious: When you are time conscious, everything you think, say and do is centred on time. You know how to spend or manage your time and priorities on what’s important. Let us be God conscious and put Him at the centre of our life, where everything connects to and from Him. His presence is with us wherever we go and when we are sensitive about His presence, everything changes. ~TG. Matthew 22 v 37 – 38; John 10 v 27 – 29; Matthew 12 v 35 – 37 and Ephesians 4 v 30 – 32 and Ephesians 5 v 1 – 2 #Obedience #AcknowledgeGod #AppreciateGod #LoveGod #Prayerful #SeekGod #MeditateOnTheWord #TrustinGod #JesusAtTheCentre #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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