Divine Authority:

Daily Dose: Divine Authority: A uniformed police officer exercises his authority to prevent and/or control a chaotic situation, protect citizens and arrest perpetrators of crime. His uniform positions him in a place of authority more than when he is off duty. His uniform speaks and provokes a reaction. As children of God, we are on duty day and night. Therefore we should wear our full armour of God and be ready in and out of season. Let us not fold hands and grow weary. Be charged up today and exercise your divine authority over any situation in your life. ~TG. Jeremiah 1 v 4 – 12; Ephesians 6 v 13 – 18; Luke 10 v 18 – 19; 1 Peter 5 v 8 – 11 and Ezekiel 37 v 4 – 6 #DivineAuthority #Declare #Decree #Prophesy #ResistTheDevil #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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