Upper Room

Daily Dose: Upper Room: Challenges/difficult moments in life can weaken and pull us down. Instead of responding at the same level, we should rise up and take it further higher into an upper room. This is a place of prayer where you offload your heavy burdens and seek God; a place of surgery where unwanted growths are cut out and uprooted; a place where broken bones are put together, open wounds stitched together, dead situations revived and battles won. What is it that you are going through? Take it higher level, above your adversary. ~TG. 1 Kings 17 v 17 – 24; Mark 14 v 12 – 15; ACTS 9 v 39 – 40; Daniel 6 v 10 and Isaiah 41 v 21. #PowerOfPrayer #Overcomer #ItIsWell #Peace #Breakthrough #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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