Sound Judgement:

Sound Judgement: At times people worry about how they look on a photo. They make every effort to edit the image so they look better. When a camera moves during a photo shoot, the image will be distorted/blurry but that’s not a reflection of who you really are. You are more than a photo. People look at you and take what they want from you. Remain standing and be true to yourself, do not move or change to please people. Photographers have mastered the art of taking good photos. They adjust the camera lens, lighting and position the object by zooming in and out. How we see and interpret things can affect us and those around us. Adjust your lenses and see the best in yoursef and others. What do you see? ~TG. Genesis 1 v 26 – 27; Jeremiah 1 v 11 – 12; Mark 8 v 22 – 25; Luke 18 v 25 v 43; Psalm 119 v 18 and Psalm139 v 13 – 18. #SpiritualDiscernment #SoundJudgement #SoundMind #BiggerSpiritualPicture #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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