Divine Connections:

Daily Dose: Divine Connections: We need to pray for God to reveal and protect us from frenemies and vision killers. There are people who come to encourage, build and support us; they celebrate with us, cry with us, hold our hands and stand with us through it all. On the other hand we crumble down, the moment we bring certain people in our boat. There are people who just watch your life, you don’t know where they stand, others are there to harm you with their evil thoughts, words and actions; they plot evil, drill holes, backstab and there’s nothing good they see in you. Who is in your boat? Some people are better kept at a distance. ~TG. Jonah 1 v 1 – 17; Matthew 26 v 47 – 56; Joshua 5 v 13; Numbers 11 v 16 – 17; Job 2 v 11 – 13 and Matthew 27 v 1 5. #Pray #DivineHelpers #DivineConnections #Support #BeWise #RunWithYourLife #ProtectYourVision #Peace #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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