A Table For You:

Daily Dose: A Table For You: God is a just God! Whilst your enemy is restless and busy throwing fiery darts at you, God is busy blessing you. Focus on what God is saying and doing in your life and enjoy your blessings. Every stone thrown at you, use it as a stepping stone. Keep soaring high child of God. Do not retaliate, Jehovah fights for you, He is strong and mighty in battle. ~TG. Proverbs 25 v 21 – 22; Isaiah 59 v 19; Genesis 39 v 7 – 25; Psalm 23 v 1 – 6; Isaiah 33 v 20 – 24; Daniel 3 v 8 – 30; Isaiah 8 v 10 and Psalm 91. #Peaceful #LaughAtTheDevil #RunYourRace #GodWithYou #Blessed #MightyInBattle #SuccessIsYourAnswer #SilenceSpeaks #Rejoice #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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