Praying For Children

Daily Dose: Praying For Children: Children are a blessing from God. As parents, or future parents, we need to stand strong and cover our children daily in prayers. There are a lot of challenges that come to test and shake our families. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he uses different weapons and tactics to get into our families. Let us not grow weary or feel discouraged, even as we face challenges day by day, let’s continue to love, forgive, teach, pray and guide our children according to the Word of God. Victory is our portion, keep pressing in prayer. ~TG. Deuteronomy 5 v 16; Deuteronomy 5 v 1 – 25, Proverbs 14 v 1; Proverbs 29 v 15 – 18 and Proverbs 4 v 1 – 25 #Parenting #Children #CoverYourChildren #BeStrong #OurStrengthIsInGod #DoNotGiveUp #WeAreMoreThanConquerors #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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