Deep In The Heart:

Daily Dose: Deep In The Heart: Looking at the carpet from a distance, it might look like it’s clean but when you sweep or vacuum, you will gather some dirty particles of different sizes, types and colours. Every now and then, we should check and sweep our hearts. You will be surprised to see some hidden particles chocking us unknowingly. Let us not keep our hearts as the storehouse of evil, wrongdoings etc. Empty unwanted baggage and feel light. ~TG. Psalm 119 v 9 – 16; Psalm 51 v 1 – 19; Psalm 139 v 23 – 24; Romans 8 v 1 and Isaiah 1 v 18 – 20. #HiddenSin #Repent #HiddenPain #LetGoAndLetGod #DoNotBottleThings #FearGod #NoCondemnation #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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