You Have It:

Daily Dose: You Have It: It has taken me close to two years to discover the flashlight (torch) on my phone. Ever since I bought it, I could not locate the flashlight functionality because the phone is different from the old one and so I never used it. So, last night when my daughter arrived home, she called me as she wanted some help. I came out walking in the dark, and she asked why I did not turn on the light and I said to her “My phone does not have a flashlight (torch)”.  Her being clever she said  “Mum your phone has a torch, you simply scroll down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings menu and tap on the torch”. I did as told, Lo and behold, the light turned on! I jumped with so much joy kkk. Isn’t amazing how we quickly say “I don’t have, I can’t, I don’t know”, I am small”, because we do not see it and we do not believe in ourselves. May our spiritual eyes be opened to see the blessings that God has given us in Jesus name. Amen. ~TG. 2 Kings 6 v 1-6; Mark 10 v 46-52 and Philippians 4 v 13. #PickYourselfUp #YouAreGifted #YouAreBlessed #UnLockYourGift #YouCAnDoIt #DivineHelpers #TakeInstructions #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine  

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