Daily Dose: Persistence: Giving up quickly is something easily done especially when the journey is long, full of hurdles and hard to drive on. You might fail to see where the road is going but it does not mean the road has ended. When you allow God to lead you, He will make things perfect for you. All you have to do, is to continue walking, running, trusting and praying as you act upon what you believe. Its time not to look back and get discouraged. Keep going, you will get there. ~TG. Luke 18 v 1-8; Luke 11 v 5-13; Luke 9 v 62. #Persistence #DoNotGiveUp #EncourageYourselfInTheLord #Focus #GodWithYou #WinSouls #DailyDose #SeasonOfPraise #Borntoshine

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