Spread The Word:

Daily Dose: Spread The Word: The Word of God is the medicine, that heals every area of our lives. It gives light for us to see and not stumble in our walk with God. As a child of God, you should meditate on the Word continually and share it around for many people to also get saved and transformed, like you. You are vessel of honour. Start with one scripture and grow from it. Amen. ~TG. Psalm 119 v 130; Zechariah 8 v 20-23; Isaiah 52 v 7; 2 Timothy 4 v 1-5 and Mark 16 v 15-20 #Salvation #Prayerful #PreachTheWord #PrayForOthers #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

What a Mighty God We Serve!

Daily Dose: God says to you, “…I will turn your mourning to joy”. What a loving Father we have! He is so much concerned about your spiritual, physical, social, mental well-being. His hand is not shortened, He reaches out to you, and lifts you out of any situation. Glory to God! A way has been prepared before you, walk in it sister and brother. Wipe your tears and rejoice in the Lord as you give your all to Him. ~TG. Jeremiah 31 v 13-17; Lamentations 3 v 19-26; Isaiah 30 v 18-19; Psalm 40 v 1-17 and Jeremiah 32 v 27. #GloryToGod #MourningEnduresForANight #JoyComesInTheMorning #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine