Depend On God:

Daily Dose: Depend On God: The reason we are here today, it’s because God said yes to our existence. His grace surrounds us. Hallelujah.This is a call for us to acknowledge, appreciate and totally surrender to Him. Without Him we are nothing. There’s no-one whom we can trust and rely upon in life. Our possessions and people around us, are not guaranteed to stand with us through it all. They come and go but God remains. He is ever present and ready to help us despite our shortcomings. ~TG. Proverbs 18 v 10; Romans 8 v 5-11; John 5 v 19-20; John 6 v 38; Acts 17 v 28; Colossians 1 v 1617 and Romans 12 v 1. #HaveYourWayLord #MyTrustIsInYou #IAmNothingWithoutYou #YouAreMyStrength #MyLifeIsNotMyOwn #ToYouIBelong #IGiveMyselfToYou #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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